Working in association with KOB, producer of the world renowned BRAWOLINER® pipeline renovation system, CJ Kelly Associates is pleased to announce that it is introducing two new BRAWOLINER® products to the UK renovation market, BRAWOLINER® 3D and BRAWOLINER® XT. The individual liner systems are designed to overcome specific problem areas often encountered in deteriorated gravity pipelines across the UK and Ireland.


The rehabilitation of lateral connection pipes and service drains with in-built changes in diameter sometimes presents a major challenge for many existing rehabilitation technologies. Given the occurrence of such pipe structures, there has for some time been a need for a liner system that can accommodate such diameter fluctuations during the installation process without the need to excavate to access the diameter change location or design a liner with the diameter change in the ‘right position’ before installation. This is particularly the case where, in one single pipe length, large increases in diameter exist, for example from DN 100 to DN 150.

The new BRAWOLINER® 3D liner system was developed especially to meet the demands of these big dimension changes or situations where several diameter jumps occur over one pipe length.

Over dimensions from DN 100 to DN 150 the seamless textile liner adjusts itself to every pipe diameter during the installation process without operator intervention, giving a crease free finish to the cured liner.

The technology behind the liner’s ability to achieve such an installation is the unique to BRAWOLINER®. The liner material comprises an extremely flexible polyester-loop construction which allows a huge lateral stretch, without compromising the final liner structure. In addition to the multi-diameter capability, just like the proven BRAWOLINER®, the outstanding winner of the IKT product test, the new 3D-Liner is still capable of lining bends of up to 90 degree without folds or wrinkles. This means that BRAWOLINER® 3D is an ideal renovation solution for difficult sewer systems. BRAWOLINER® 3D is available in the nominal diameters from DN 75 to DN100 and DN100 to DN 150 and is available in lengths of 25 m, 50 m, or 100 m. Soon to be launched will be the DN 150 to DN 225 system.


It is well known in the pipeline renovation industry that longitudinal cracks and broken fragments can decrease the static performance of pipes dramatically. In the area of private laterals or service drains such damage is often the result of improper initial installation of the pipes. They may also be caused by high compression loads and/or seismic activities and localised ground movement. The rehabilitation of this type of damage is essential to restore strength to the fabric of the pipe and maintain the required design stability.

The new BRAWOLINER® XT renovation system from KOB is designed to achieve a significantly higher stiffness than other liner system available on the market, whilst retaining the inherent flexibility of the liner.

This characteristic means that the liner is ideally suited to the renovation of statically compromised or load-bearing pipes. It will also handle deteriorated pipes of this sort with contained bends and dimension changes. BRAWOLINER® XT is available in nominal DN 150 and DN 200 diameters and is available in lengths of 25 m, 50 m, or 100 m.

Commenting on the new liners John Kelly of CJ Kelly Associates Ltd said: “The ability to renovate multi dimensional or structurally compromised lateral and service pipes with a single system that can handle all dimensional changes in the one installation process whilst ensuring structural rehabilitation has long been sought after by pipeline engineers. Working together with KOB and our clients to meet these requirements has ultimately produced these two new liners, BRAWOLINER® 3D and BRAWOLINER® XT. The pipeline industry now has products that will meet almost all potential renovation criteria with the minimum of intervention and additional access excavation, further improving and minimising the environmental and social impact of renovation projects.”