C J Kelly Associates recently took four members of two Metro Rod Franchises to the Brawoliner headquarters and training facility in Wolfstein, Germany. There they under took a two day training course covering both the basic and the most up-to-date capabilities of the Brawoliner product range.

From Metro Rod Chester, Wirral & North Wales, John Pardoe, owner and manager took with him Stephen Callaghan the company’s lining engineer.

John commented, in respect of the course, that whilst looking forward to the course, one he had been meaning to attend for some time, he did not know what to expect of it particularly given that it was to be held in Germany.

John said: “The course was very informative and not just about Brawoliner. Both Stephen and I took away some very useful information that we can apply not only to our Brawoliner works but to lining using CIPP techniques across the board. Brawoliner is probably the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the liners used in his area of the industry and subsequent to the training course we are seriously looking as to where we can further apply the various Brawoliner products in our daily operations. This is not just because of the quality we feel the Brawoliner products offer us but also in that this level of quality is something that we can then offer and pass on to our customers.”

John went on the say that the training was concise, thorough and took place in very well-equipped facilities. “The German trainers had a command of the English language that was excellent, making understanding the course so much easier than expected. Along with high quality accommodation we were made to feel very welcome and we took away from the course more than we first thought we might.” On returning from the course John said he had emailed the complete Metro Rod franchise network recommending that they consider attending the course.

From Metro Rod Mid Lancs, which covers a region from Blackpool to Barnoldswick and from Wigan to Ashton-under-Lyne, Matt Yates, owner (in partnership with his brother Mike), director and technical manager took with him Michael Hodgson, the company senior technical engineer on the course.

In explaining what they both gained from the training course Matt Yates said: “As a company we have not undertaken lining before so it was all new to us. We did find the course very informative and both John Kelly and the German trainer, Jaap Sanders, made this learning process a fantastic experience. We both gained an excellent and broad understanding of CIPP lining in general, and the potential for using Brawoliner, in particular from the ground up which was good for us as newcomers. We do understand that even having taken the course we do need some practice in the field, but with the back-up and support available through C J Kelly Associates we know this will not be a problem. Now we looking for our first lining job but we also see this as a springboard into a whole new business area for us, all thanks to one training course with Brawoliner.


The training course overall covers all of the health and safety implications of a Brawoliner Epoxy CIPP lining operation. Further to this all the practical aspects of handling the liners, impregnation operations and all the necessary equipment and the additional systems needed for the various curing options are also covered. There are then practical, practice installations at the training centre to ensure that the theory can be effectively put into practice.

The types of cure options covered on the course include Hot Water curing as well as Steam curing of Brawoliner. The course also includes the installation of a hot water cured liner in a horizontal pipe and an installation of a Brawoliner in a vertical application. This latter option is becoming increasingly sought after by building renovators that have rainwater downpipes to rehabilitate.

Also covered on the course are topics including:

  • ·         Manhole to Manhole lining
  • ·         Upstream Lining
  • ·         Blind shot lining (one way/single access lining )
  • ·         Double inversion (inverting liner and calibration hose at the same time)
  • ·         Connection collars (lateral connection) demonstrations
  • ·         Liner impregnation
  • ·         Resin mixing and vacuum impregnation

During the Metro Rod course, two liners were installed by the trainees which included an approximately 8 m long hot water cured liner using Brawoliner 3D where the liner passed through a pipe of varying diameters including 100, 125 and 150 mm (4,5 and 6 in) all in one single lining operation. The second practice liner was a similar length installation but with some 5 m of the host pipe being a vertical downpipe. Here the Brawoliner HT variation was utilised with a steam cure option. The liner was installed and cured in just 50 minutes.

John Kelly, senior partner in C J Kelly Associates, said of the course: “We were very pleased to find that both Metro Rod Franchisees gained so much from the Brawoliner training course. Furthermore we are looking forward to being able to help in the growth of the lining businesses with both companies. It is interesting to note that following John  Pardoe’s contact with the rest of the Metro Rod franchisees there are already three other companies looking to complete the course.”