CJ Kelly Associates Ltd is pleased to announce the completion of a new dealership agreement with Switzerland-based Terra AG whereby the company will exclusively represent the interests of Terra for its complete product range across the whole of the UK.

In a departure from its specialisation in renovation systems, CJ Kelly will distribute Terra AG’s range of HDD rigs, Mini HDD rigs, Hydraulic Pipebursting systems and Impact Hammers for new pipe installation, pipe ramming and pneumatic bursting operations and cable-based pipe pulling systems for pipe replacement works.

The Terra range of HDD rigs and Mini HDD rigs covers thrust and pullback capacities from 8 t to 23 t over four models including the TERRA MINI-JET MJ 1400, TERRA MINI-JET MJ 1600, TERRA-JET 2608 E, TERRA-JET 3213 D, TERRA-JET 7520 D and the new TERRA-JET 4015  S and TERRA-JET 9023 S.

For pipe bursting the company offers the TERRA-HYDROCRACK unit which is available in both standard and ‘Comfort’ versions with 60 t pullback capacity for pipe replacement up to 350 mm diameter over up to 150 m lengths.

In the Impact hammer range there are some 25 models ranging in diameter from 45 mm to 565 mm in a variety of standard and short lengths for easier access to limited space situations. In the range from 800 mm diameter upwards the hammers may also be used for pneumatic steel pipe ramming operations. Pneumatic pipe bursting can also be achieved with certain models.

The TERRA-EXTRACTOR systems are designed to replace old pipe by passing a cable through the pipe and utilising the powerful pulling unit to either cut the old pipe in situ and using an expansion shell to open up the void into which the new pipe is towed or to fully remove the pipe by pulling it out of the ground, whilst pulling the new pipe in behind the extraction cable. TERRA-EXTRACTOR is available in three models: TERRA-EXTRACTOR X 100; TERRA-EXTRACTOR X 300; and TERRA-EXTRACTOR X 400.

Commenting on the new dealership agreement John Kelly of CJ Kelly Associates Ltd said: “Whilst in the past we have focused on the renovation market, we now feel the time is right for us to expand our horizons to the broader trenchless market. We have known of Terra’s product range for some time and felt that our position in and knowledge of the UK renovation markets positioned extremely well to offer Terra’s equipment range in the region in a way that it has not previously been represented. We have been asked before ‘can you provide us with a kit that will do this or that’ in the new installation or replacement sectors and have not been able to help from within our own operations. The Terra range now means that we can offer solutions to almost any circumstance where trenchless technology is applicable across all aspects of the industry.”

For Terra AG, managing director Dietmar Jenne said: “We believe the new distributor agreement with CJ Kelly Associates Ltd will enable our products to penetrate the UK’S new installation and replacement markets in a way that has not previously been available to us. We are pleased to be associated with a company that has the sort of reputation that CJ Kelly enjoys across the region.” 

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By Ian Clarke