Since 2004 Bell Services Ltd, the Dyno Rod franchise holder for the Channel Island of Jersey, has been using the German-manufactured Brawoliner® system, from KOB (Karl Otto Braun KG) of Wolfstein, for the lining of deteriorated pitch fibre and vitrified clayware foul and surface water pipes across the island.

Some 2,000 m of Brawoliner® has been installed over the last 3 years in either 100 mm (4”) diameter, 150 mm (6”) diameter, with some 200 mm (9”) diameter installations. Clients have included The States of Jersey Public Services, Education Sport & Culture (local schools), Health & Social Services (General Hospital) and Housing Departments as well as Public Houses and Residential Homes and numerous properties across the island.

The work has been undertaken in close association with CJ Kelly Associated Ltd, an independent specialist sewer renovation consultant and KOB’s technical representative the UK and Éire.

Some typical examples of projects undertaken over these past 3 years include the renovation of a 100 mm diameter pitch fibre pipe, adopted by the Public Services Department, running from a road, across a private property and under a pond that was re-rounded and lined. The pipeline served a number of blocks of flats managed by Rumsey Management, totalling around 50 residences, on a private estate in St. Brelade, Jersey. The sewer system serving the community was originally 6” diameter pitch fibre pipe, running at depths between 1 and 3 m, which, on CCTV inspection, showed some deterioration. Although not on point of collapse, the original pipeline did need repair or replacement. Rumsey brought in Bell Services to complete the work.

The project as a whole comprised the open cut replacement of some of the pipeline, but large sections of it could be rehabilitated using lining techniques. In all, some 5 lengths were lined using KOB’s Brawoliner® system using manhole-to-manhole lining techniques. The lining runs included two lengths of 100 mm diameter that ran beneath buildings, one length of 100 mm diameter that ran under a garage, one 86 m long section of 150 mm diameter that lay beneath a road and, ultimately, two 45 m lengths further 150 mm diameter. All of the installation sites were in sandy ground.

The Brawoliner® system uses a seamless lining textile fabric that is applicable to pipes from 75 to 255 mm diameter, with wrinkle free installation around 90o bends. The system is generally compressed air inverted from an inversion drum and can be used as an ambient or hot water cured installation.

The Brawoliner system is designed to answer some of the more pressing environmental problems with more established lining system resins across Europe, and does this by using environmentally friendly resins and the system is manufactured to ISO9002 standard.

The majority of the installations were completed with relative ease, although prevailing conditions on the 86 m long run meant it had its difficulties. Having experience the long run Bell Services decided to reduce the length of the final linings by installing a new manhole half way along the proposed length, which allowed the final lengths to be made in two 45 m runs instead of another 90 m shot. This approach meant that the project was successfully competed as scheduled.

Bell Services also undertook a successful operation to line an aged and deteriorated clayware pipe running under a bar in the island capital of St Helier. The pipe ran from a 2 m deep manhole in the rear of the bar and ran under the building changing in diameter from 6” to 9” at about 9 m with an inline junction serving the bar and a neighbouring property at about 20 m in. From here the pipe then ran out into the street across a busy road and into the main sewer at approximately 3 m deep. The job entailed lining the 6” diameter section in one direction, to the point of the diameter change, and lining in the reverse direction on the 9” diameter section, again up to the point of the change, from an excavation outside the bar. The operation was completed using a Patch Box installation, a localised repair lining system jointly developed by Ant Hire Ltd and CJ Kelly Associates Ltd, which was used across the diameter change point to seal the linings and join them together.  Bell Services then cut out the junction in the pipeline using a robotic cutter.

These operations, and others, have shown very effectively the flexibility of the Brawoliner® system in smaller diameter pipeline repair works.