The smallest BRAWOLINER® to date. For in-house rehabilitation
In the past, defective flush-mounted small diameter pipes had to be repaired in open cut replacement. BRAWOLINER® is proud to announce a special liner for the rehabilitation of DN 50 sanitary pipes; for example from the shower to the wash basin, drain pipelines in the kitchen or industrial areas can now be rehabilitated easily with BRAWOLINER® DN 50. The seamless liner has the same product characteristics as the proven BRAWOLINER. It can be installed with a minimum pressure and up to 90 ° bends. As usual, the installation takes place with the inversion drum and an additional reduction nozzle.

BRWOLINER® DN 50 is available from 01.08.2010 in 25 m box.

BRAWOLINER® Resin mixing unit

The correct amount of resin and hardener as well as obtaining a good mixture of these components is important for quality control in sewage rehabilitation. That’s why more and more contractors demand a machine mixed resin. BRAWOLINER® offers a reliable and high quality mixing unit which controls resin temperature and the required amount of both components to mix the resin and hardener optimally.

  • Climatic chamber with material provision of 60 kg resin and 2 x 20 kg hardener
  • Two-stage dosing process for high-precision mixing
  • Easy to use
  • The resin mixing system is now available.

New structured order form

 Innovative products like the new BRAWOLINER® DN 50 have expanded our range once more. For this reason we have restructured our order form. All prices remain the same; please see the attached order form for more details.