With a wealth of experience C J Kelly Associates can help you with design and static calculations for any drainage and pipeline project, along with recommendations for the correct product for any repair. In addition we can oversee any project to ensure all installations reach the highest of standards. We can also provide training and demonstrations on all of our systems and products. 

Sewer Lining & Steam Curing

BRAWOLINER ® was developed especially for the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes (50 to 225 mm) with multiple bends of up to 90° and can accommodate changes in diameter.

BRAWO® SteamUnit offers a comparably compact but efficient steam generator. With a heat output of 56 KW the diesel-fired device produces a steam quantity of 50 kg per hour. Thus the curing of longer piping sections in buildings or buried pipes is possible. 

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Concrete Repair & Leak Sealing

From walk-in sewers to the smallest manhole MC Construction Chemicals have a vast range of remedial and refurbishment products for renovation within our OMBRAN range. These include: Leak sealing, water stop injection systems, concrete repair systems and protective coatings

Drainage Packers & Patch Repair

We've grouped together our fantastic 100-150 Bendy packer, inflation set and packer guide in one simple starter kit giving a total saving of 10% compared to buying the items separately. Traditionally you would have needed two sizes of packer to cover this diameter range. But with Härke’s 1.2meter long Dn100-150 flexible bendy packer you’ll only need one. Which makes this Härke’s most versatile packer in their range and our best seller.