Root cutting with Picote Maxi Miller

Gary and the team at West Sussex Drains have once again sent us a great video, using their Picote Maxi miller to remove roots from a clay pipe. Once again, thank you for sharing your #PicoteSuccessStory with us Gary.

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Germany-based OSSCAD GmbH & Co. KG specialises in the design, development, support and technical consulting for optical sensor technologies. The company places a special emphasis on the ongoing development and promotion of its products in the area of CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) rehabilitation and monitoring of buried energy cables. In 2017 OSSCAD will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

As part of its product range OSSCAD has developed the CMS measuring system for the monitoring of the liner curing process during pipeline rehabilitation operations of both sewer and drinking (potable) water pipes. The CMS system consists of a CMS measuring instrument (laser radar), a fibre optic cable (LWL cable) as a line-shaped temperature sensor (CMS sensor cable) and the CMS application software (VISCOM liner) for the evaluation and visualisation of the curing temperature measuring data.

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MC Fastpack in Trenchless Works August edition

Our MC Fastpack system has had an amazing write up in the months edition of Trenchless Works 

Click image to down load the August edition of trenchless Works

Click image to down load the August edition of trenchless Works

MC, FastPack injection gun and sewer inject resin demonstration video.

The MC-Fastpack injection System is a water stop resin injection system for sealing leaks in manholes and basements, it's simple, fast and affordable way to stop water ingress.



The North of England has long been famous for not just its wonderful landscapes, world renowned cities and the character of its people, it is also globally recognised as a major centre in the growth of the industrial economies we see today. Whilst like many parts of the UK the region has had its ups and downs alongside the vagaries of the economy it still boasts some of the UK’s largest industrial facilities.

Not least of these is a major soft drinks manufacturing plant which was recently the site of a challenging pipeline rehabilitation project undertaken by DALROD, a family run drainage industry service provider established in Peterborough in 1985. The project was completed using the BRAWOLINER® HT CIPP liner system, supplied by the UK Brawoliner distributor C.J. Kelly Associates of Peterborough. The project had apparently been looked at by other rehabilitation contractors but dismissed as not possible using currently available techniques.


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Sewer lining specialist DALROD Cambridgeshire was recently involved in a technically challenging project to keep water flowing to a major cement works in Essex, UK.  The site is part of an industrial development in the mined out area of what is still elsewhere a working quarry site, investigations showed that the pipes which carried away fresh water between to two lakes was in need of rehabilitation. However, the fact that the site was industrialised with other operations as well as the cement mixing works, meant that operating conditions for any rehabilitation works would be far from easy.

The client expressly demanded that the rehabilitation be completed in a set timeframe with all traffic management being undertaken by the contractor and most of all that not only during the rehabilitation works but subsequently there should be no pollution created by the products used to complete the works.

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The original pipe patch repair kit, by Antire

We are very pleased to announce that C J Kelly Associates are now recognised distributors for PatchBox kits, the original pipe patch repair kit developed by Ant Hire. We are firmly committed to providing only top quality products, this recent agreement with Ant Hire will help us provide customers with the materials they need, when they need it. Ant Hire created the first PatchBox repair kit in 2001, and have made a number of improvements over the years to ensure our customers can achieve the highest quality patch repairs. PatchBox is available for a large range of pipe sizes and requirements, including special kits of 90 degree bends, providing the materials needed for a permanent, watertight repair. 


With a wealth of experience C J Kelly Associates can help you with design and static calculations for any drainage and pipeline project, along with recommendations for the correct product for any repair. In addition we can oversee any project to ensure all installations reach the highest of standards. We can also provide training and demonstrations on all of our systems and products. 

Sewer Lining & Steam Curing

BRAWOLINER ® was developed especially for the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes (50 to 225 mm) with multiple bends of up to 90° and can accommodate changes in diameter.

BRAWO® SteamUnit offers a comparably compact but efficient steam generator. With a heat output of 56 KW the diesel-fired device produces a steam quantity of 50 kg per hour. Thus the curing of longer piping sections in buildings or buried pipes is possible. 

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