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BRAWOLINER ® is a “no-dig” sewer rehabilitation system for repairing damaged drains and sewers without the need to carry out disruptive excavations. When using the Brawoliner system there is no disruption or damage to the property and no need for time-consuming pipe laying or reinstatement work. This not only saves time and disruption to the customer but also money.

The renovation process

During the renovation process, a flexible textile liner is soaked in resin and then inserted into the defective pipe using pressurised air or water. The BRAWOLINER ® completely lines the inside of the pipe and eliminates any existing or potential damages. The resin cures at ambient temperature, however, the process can be significantly reduced by passing warm water or steam through the liner. Curing creates a completely new watertight pipe within the old one.

The benefits of the BRAWOLINER® method

BRAWOLINER ® was developed especially for the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes (50 to 225 mm) with multiple bends of up to 90° and can accommodate up to two changes in pipe diameter. Our particularly efficient method of sewer rehabilitation offers numerous benefits: 

  • Quick renovation without dirt and noise
  • Substantially lower costs than traditional excavation methods
  • Complies with BSEN ISO 11296-4:211 and WRC CP308 standards 
  • Renovation of all existing and future damage 
  • Durability of over 50 years
  • Prevents from future root penetration
  • Restores water tightness

Seamless construction

BRAWOLINER ® is the only manufacturer in the market to produce a seam-free pipe liner. The comparatively complex manufacturing process guarantees maximum flexibility and thus optimal adjustment of the liner to the course of the pipe. Due to its outstanding product qualities, the BRAWOLINER ®  system, was the top performer in both the standard conditions (straight runs) and extreme conditions (multiple bends) tests in the IKT product test.

BRAWOLINER® HT specially developed for domestic rehabilitation


Damp walls, musty smells and mould formation are common in buildings. The cause of this can often be traced to leaking drainage pipes from which wastewater escapes into the surrounding masonry. 

The rehabilitation of wastewater pipes in buildings is subject to special requirements and strict structural rules. The BRAWOLINER® HT rehabilitation system meets all structural requirements and complies to exacting DIBt approval for the rehabilitation of drainage systems within buildings. 

The system consists of the BRAWOLINER® HT-iners and special formulated BRAWO® HT-resin. Together with normal flammability German building materials class B2 and the dimensional stability under heat of over 93 °C the HT system offers the same advantages as the tried-and-tested BRAWOLINER® rehabilitation:

  • Complete rehabilitation from DN 50 to DN 200
  • Suitable for almost all damage profiles and all pipe materials
  • Up to 50 % cheaper than the disruptive open construction method
  • Life expectancy of over 50 years


Installation equipment 

The correct installation equipment and tools are the key to the successful pipe repair as well as the materials used and the skills and expertise of the installation team. For this reason BRAWOLINER ® offers a comprehensive range of high-quality and easy-to-use tools and machinery.

All equipment has been specially developed for the renovation of small diameter drain and sewers.

Efficiency, quality assurance, site suitability and value for money were all priorities in developing the equipment. Advice was also sort from our experienced installation staff. In this way, we have succeeded in developing highly-functional equipment which makes renovation quick, easy and reliable.

BRAWO SteamUnit, Full steam rehabilitation!

In sewer rehabilitation steam curing has established itself alongside the curing of liners with warm water. Steam curing has clear advantages during the rehabilitation of downpipes, where curing with water is only possible with short pipe sections,


With the BRAWO® SteamUnit BRAWOLINER® offers a comparably compact but efficient steam generator. With a heat output of 56 KW the diesel-fired device produces a steam quantity of 50 kg per hour. Thus the curing of longer piping sections in buildings or buried pipes is possible. Thanks to the compact dimensions the steam generator can be accommodated in the BRAWO® Trailer and can if required be positioned directly on site.

Advantages of the BRAWO® SteamUnit:

  • Mobile steam generator
  • Intuitive controls
  • Steam ready for use in 15 minutes
  • Steam temperatures of up to 159 °C possible
  • Rapid curing (only 80 min. heating time in combination with BRAWO® HT)

Record and document with Docubox

More and more customers are requesting electronic documentation of liner installation and seal testing. The new BRAWOLINER® DocuBox 2.0 provides the ideal solution for this. This versatile, intuitively operated unit records all data necessary for liner renovation and presents it on a 7” colour screen. This allows potential fault sources to be identified and avoided during the actual installation. All project, facility and positional data can be conveniently entered on the touch screen. DocuBox 2.0 also provides installation documentation in accordance with quality seal S 29.02.

The unit also enables a seal test to be carried out after installation. The extremely manoeuvrable seal test set (available as an optional extra) is capable of testing narrow-bore pipes and bends up to 90°.The DocuBox menu guides the user through the testing process and produces a test report as a PDF file.

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive operation
  • Graphic display of the measured data
  • Clearly structured project management
  • Simple data reconciliation via USB stick
  • Test reports as PDF files
  • German engineered quality

BRAWO® VortexCutter

Opening the lateral connection in a lined pipe is an important step to achieve a successful pipe rehabilitationConventional cutting devices have reached their limits when used in small diameters or in pipes with multiple bends.

With the BRAWO® VortexCutter, BRAWOLINER® offers a reliable and easy to use system for pipes and lateral connections from DN 50 to DN 150. This cutter consists of a powerful drive unit with a flexible 12mm drive shaft and various specific cutting tools for the desired diameter. The extensive equipment package contains tools for diameter range DN 50 to DN 150. Using the BRAWO® VortexCutter, lateral connections in all angle configurations can be opened very quickly and reliably. The surface preparation of the pipes for installing BRAWOLINER® connection collars can also easily be done with this unit.


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